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Horse Horse is one of the most valued domesticated animals for the Slavic people. Even more, horse is valued for his power of prediction. Also it is regarded as positive symbol for loyalty, hard work and safety. That is why motifs of the horse were very common in Slavic amulets, house decoration, utensils decoration, embroidery, etc.

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Anti sorcery amulets:
 -Suspend a red onion from the ceiling or a bedpost to protect against sorcery and keep away influences or evil. -Wear a necklace of chicken bones around your neck to protect against black magic and psychic attracts. -A black stone with a hole keeps away evil and works as a powerful jinx breaker. ~Anti-hex Talisman and spells~ (1) to make a powerful anti hex tal...

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Amulets of the four sons of Horus (faience). Late Period, ca. 664-332 BC. Four gods in ancient Egyptian religion and personifications of the four canopic jars that accompany mummified bodies; Imsety protected the liver, Duamutef the stomach, Hapi the lungs, and Qebehsenuef the intestines.

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A Fish amulet, from Syria - 3rd century

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Ram’s head pendant Punic (present-day Tunisia), 5th-4th century BC Miniature glass pendants in a large variety of colors and shapes can be found all over the Mediterranean world and were probably produced in several glassmaking centers, including Carthage, Iran, and Syria. These objects were distributed through the expansive, widespread trade routes established by the Phoenicians. Rams wer...

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There will be only two Devil’s Mark necklaces. One with a crow foot (in the picture) and one with a black hen foot. They will be incorporated in the next update. Birds of prey are protective amulets against evil spirits in the Pyrenean tradition. They were nailed to doors to prevent strigae to attack those inside a house. . . . . #apothecary #magicalherbalism #aphrodisiac #sorcery #witc...

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