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Keep the house safe amulet As a way to maintain the landlord rules going on when I’m away traveling or at my girlfriend’s house, I made this amulet that is hanging on my front door. I was called to do this during the banishing ritual I posted here, and so I used what I had in hand: some twigs and black ribbon. It could have been a poppet of me or an item that’s close to me and will not l...

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Icelandic magical staves. Ægishjálmur, Helm of Awe. The symbol is used to put fear into your enemies, but can also be used as bindrune for love, to conquer the one you love.

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Hei tiki, nephrite pendant worn by a Maori man or woman of high rank - New Zealand (South Island), Te Puawaitanga period (1500-1800 AD).

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Scarab amulet of Ancient Egyptian Noble Paser, vizier in the reigns of Seti I and Ramses II, during the 19th dynasty

19th dynasty amulet ancient jewellery costume jewellery mdpegypt pendant ramesses ii seti i

Tibetan Dzi beads(pronounced ‘zee’) are amulets and talismans that go back thousands of years in Tibetan culture. They are worn for protection and to bring good fortune. The symbols on each bead have very special and specific meaning - The 9 - Eye Dzi is often considered the 'Emperor’ of all Dzi and is one of the most sought after. It represents the Nine-fold Merits - compassion/glory/pr...

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This Quartz Evil Eye Dzi bead is an extremely powerful talisman and is used to deflect the evil eye, repel negativity and prevent psychic attack. These are the watchful and protective “eye” that sees beyond and never closes. These crystals are known to stimulate psychic abilities and expand the aura. By expanding ones aura, it effectively makes it more difficult for negative energies to pe...

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🔵 Here’s a little BLUESDAY inspiration from our Egyptian art collection, currently on view in Infinite Blue. The ancient Egyptians believed that the gods had skin of gold and hair of lapis lazuli; they also believed that the soul became a god upon death. This amulet, a human-headed bird with skin of gold and feathers of lapis, turquoise, and steatite, represents this part of the soul, kno...

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