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The Altered Ego

The Altered Ego

I woke up about two months ago. Me. The old meat. That’s a harsh description, I know. But you’ll either get used to the way I write or you won’t. Doesn’t matter. Really doesn’t. You’re also meat, lumbering around on two legs just like me, and you’ll continue to do so as you please regardless of what I have to say. We live on a cloud compared to where we used to live. In the da...

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Thank you to all my supporters who came through tonight! If y'all wasn’t on my side this thing wouldn’t have happened tonight! #ranthony #alteredego #eprelease #recordingartist #labelme #onthewayup #thankyou (at Inkwell Centre)

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Check out what my hubby found for me. #joecool #alteredego #lovesnoopy 😁

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Bitches on my dick cause I swagg to the maximum Bitches ain’t on yours cause it’s short like an acronym Bitches on my dick because I look like Poca-hontas And I’m a young Based Goddess Bitches on my dick cause I’m severely intellectual Bitches on my dick because I’m also way bisexual Bitches on my dick because I found that I don’t give a fuck I tell ‘em fuck the world, fuck...

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