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He wakes to her body, limp and bloodied in his arms. Mauled and mutilated to his growing horror. To the side are remnants of the Geum Gang Go. Samjang is dead. Sobbing to a world without its guardian, Son Oh Gong decides it deserves to burn to ash. It is the end of everything that Samjang had tried so hard to prevent. —- *insert shrug emoji* Scrappy painting. I was actually going to dra...

a korean odyssey also but u get this instead crappy paintingggg doodle everyone's thinking it why not the two leads fanart hwayugi i really wanna draw that lol i wanna doodle more haewonmak i was going to draw dumb dirty jokes kechk lol how do you colour nvdlfsjnv painting samjang sketch son oh gong srsly tomorrow haha tvn hwayugi

is it too late for les miserables fantasy week? here’s veela-beauxbatons enjolras anyway! there will probably be a proper photo shoot once i’ve completely finished it!

also cosplay cy-lindric enjolras fantasy week i did it! les mis les miserables fantasy week rattygrantaire