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Kinda felt bad not updating for so long… Anyways, have a dump of drawings behind my chemistry quiz paper (already graded sooo…)! Paperjam belongs to @7goodangel ((I’m sorry, I should have gotten over PJ long before bc 2018, but nah.)) And the awesome demonbae arts by @chamiryokuroi inspired my love for pinescone…thank you for your talent :))

7goodangel also arian bad resolution beast wirt i missed drawing him i should try better at drawing dipdop... i stumbled upon a new ship too i'm trash my art oc otgw wirt paperjam pinescone probably the ink reminded of pj oddly when we ate squid time to draw more gravity falls and otgw

Papercraft for @elanorpam, who asked for this art she did of Terezi [x][x]. I couldn’t capture all her gorgeous lighting and color work, but it was really fun playing with the swirlies.

1k 5k also and i got to try working backwards and forwards in terms of depth which was interesting ccpapercraft ccstuff elanorpam homestuck my camera did something kind of odd to the full shot(s) but i give up on messing with it terezi pyrope

Should Elsa lose her powers in Frozen 2 and Kristoff rushes them off to see Grand Pabbie for help, I wholeheartedly expect Elsa to fix Pabbie with a glare of Critical Mass Done With Your Shit she just goes, “Oh. You.” And Pabbie knows he done fucked up a perfectly good magic child and is about to get so many new ones verbally ripped into him that he’s gonna have to pick which new hole h...

also angry elsa elsa's sweet-ass jacket frozen 2 grand pabbie