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Bazen aklınıza bir şey geliverir. Az önce de “Şubat”taki bu replikler aklıma geldi. ALLAH VAR. Sagopa Kajmer’siz de olmaz. Bir Dizi İz de burada…

allah bir dizi iz dizi gece koma müzik replik sagopa kajmer text şubat şubat dizi

{ والله رؤوف بالعباد } لِمَ تشعر بالقلق ..؟ أنت واحد من هؤلاء الذين يرأف الله بهم؛ والرأفة أعظم الرحمة وأبلغها ..*

allah clemency mercifulness mercy quraan الله رأفة قرآن

“Islam, we have every reason to believe, has been fully vindicated by the positive achievements of man, because it has envisaged them and pointed them out as desirable long before they were attained; and equally well it has been vindicated by the shortcomings, errors and pitfalls of human development, because it has loudly and clearly warned against them long before mankind recognised them as...

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