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Hey kids look at me drawing shit yay,, I got some original art for you guys, an alien species I’ve had for a few years and finally managed to draw one again :) Let me know what you think! (Open image in new tab for better quality haha)

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“No matter how far we are from each other, at least we get to see the same starry sky.” - Lakitia. So here’s a drawing of my Alien OC/Voltron OC. Her name is Lakitia and she is the servant of Matt, well, Corrupted!Matt. She respects him and is loyal to him but she knew him before he became the dark twisted commander that he is now. She hopes that someone will be able to help pull him fro...

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There is no good and evil in war, there are the victors and the losers, the living and the dead. Part 2 of a secondary series of character cards for @demenior‘s Voltron Gen Minibang fic, Lay to Waste. One of the things that first attracted me to the fic (before I had any idea the author was Dem) was the opportunity to create some original alien character designs, and I love this stone-col...

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This drawing is not mine, but the OC does belong to me. I’ll give thanks to @palavenmoons for drawing my OC Moran, the alien chick that I supported her in ko-fi and for liking some of her drawings. She’s a great artist in drawing a lot of Mass Effect characters and other stuff.

alien alien oc ko-fi moran palavenmoons schnuron

created a new alien fairy for my group of Uncommon fairies and IM IN LOVe she might also become a normal character, not Winx-related

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cyrinmania : winter smooches Thank you for drawing my ocs Hina and Elas🙏🏻 They look so cute!✨

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so if termians were in voltron they’d be very apathetic and uncaring and it would take a sweet plum like hunk to get them to help anyone

alien oc aurora art hunk ocs termians voltron voltron hunk voltron legendary defender