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dagwood and andy characters in a space fantasy comic im working on andy is looking for her parents dagwood is her uber driver and they travel in his weed van

alien oc oc oc: andy oc: dagwood original characters tesh draws

Two opm ocs/fcs of mine. They are Anahavni- and Kamaros-Sirisian. These two were here long before Lord Boros came, about 1880s equivalent. They are actually a mix breed between two different morphs of Boros’s species. Kamaros is the oldest, he’s 7'8", 24 and a hair stylist as a profession. Plus he’s taking an online college class. He has a ametuer pyrokinesis ability. Anahavni is the yo...

alien alien oc cyclops cyclops oc dbc art fan character fc oc one punch man one punch man fc one punch man oc opm opm fc opm oc original character

So you know how people on Tumblr always draw aliens in pastel aesthetic clothes? Yeah, that but the complete opposite.

alien alien oc aliens but they think dad clothes are fashion dad clothe my art oc pas oc pasera pas pasera repost from old blog

some cute sundresses inspired by private rps with friends over on discord….trying to keep myself busy and drawing cute things

alien oc fischotterkunst krie

the expression on their face makes this look like they were posing for a photo…..let’s just say i did that on purpose . ugh i feel so out of practice even though its only really been a few days… (dragonfly top from this post)

alien oc fischotterkunst krie