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Alien concept: Gaestros come from a very arid environment, rich in various gasses. their biology relies heavily on methane and nitrogen. their skins are tough,elastic, and rubbery but they lack any real muscular structure or centralized nervous system they are held aloft and structured by a system of air bladders which they themselves produce the gas for through their natural processes. Genera...

alien art ashy art but i have not named them gaestro gasbag jellyfish oc this is actually a specific character
It’s the Caribbean Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus). This one was found, as is typical, hiding out under...

It’s the *Caribbean Spiny Lobster (* *Panulirus argus* *)* . This one was found, as is typical, hiding out under a protective ledge. Unlike their big red cousins from Maine, they *don’t have large pinching claws* for protection.  Instead, as their name implies, their protection comes in the form of *spines that cover their bodies* .   I like their long, sweeping purple antennae. But I fin...

alien argus caicos caribbean lobster naturephotography panulirus scuba scubadiving spiny turks underwaterphotography

Rick Griffin poster for a Denver concert, 1970. The Doors.

alien denver music poster psychedelic rick griffin

Ectolady! Rasha from @necroizu​ and Iglif from @helis97. I really love Rasha’s design, especially her “hair”, that look like a soft cloud.

alien alien ghost ben 10 ben 10 alien ben 10 oc ben 10 omniverse digital coloring ectonurite fan art ghost pencildrawing rasha sketch