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1 января 2016 Наконец то я отошла, от празднования и можно восстанавливаться Вот он и новый год. было странно немного…и отмечала я его как то ..иначе. Но совсем не жалею..очень надеюсь что все горести и проблемы остались п...

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I’m having a sketch day, so I won’t really have any new images worth uploading for a couple days. Instead, I wanted to share the older piece of mine that is my biggest inspiration for my current body of work that I am creating for Antler Gallery: “Coragyps atratus”, 2015, Ball point pen, Ink pencils, Acrylic ink, Marker, Colored pencil, Graphite, and Gel pen on ...

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A new watercolor painting, this time with my albino dragon, Luna. It was hard to color her with markers and it’s even harder with watercolors, but I think I managed to keep her yellowish/copper skin color. It,s soo fun to draw my dragons again and each time, I think I’m getter better with proportions, horns and scales :D Prints are availables here:

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Russel is the cutest boy in the world and I love him very much

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And again, she was alone. Her team perished in that blasted forest, changed to trees by some ancient druid. Or Fey. Or just some demonic abomination of chaos - who knows? She knew she would meet new friends eventually, but her only thought right then was to find a way to save old ones. She would have to find some allies for that… Determined, Veltari Windstrider went on to find allies to hel...

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Доброе утро и плевать что уже 2часа дня👑

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