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Hey guys, it’s @space-cadet-alex and for those of you who don’t know this beautiful girl is @space-cadet-sarah ; we both run @thespacecadets together ♥ Sarah is having surgery June 14th, which means she’ll still be in recovery on her 21st birthday June 17th :( we’re really hoping the surgery goes well so we’re asking everyone to send good vibes and messages our way ♡ we’ll post...

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This is シナモンロール ♡ aka Cinnamoroll (and little Cinnamoroll!) @space-cadet-alex won them in vending machine for @space-cadet-sarah when he was living in Hokkaido, Japan ♡ ( here’s his Japan Vlog x videos of Japanese malls and vending machines and food! ) *:・゚✧

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