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New Post has been published on Paintings by Adele Kava Women and art. Two things I love and two things I may never truly understand. Thankfully Adele Kava has been telling stories through her paintings so I can further understand both. Adele is a 19 year old painter who actually finds inspiration in the notion of storytelling. This leads her to b...

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Adele Kava. Paintings by nineteen year old Adele Kava: Adele Kava: Tumblr

adele kava art artists on tumblr painting

Sad stories by Adele Kava

adele k adele kava art sad story

For a short time I am doing small scale commissions. The visual style will be very similar to the kind of painterly illustrations that i’ve put up on here. If you have a photo/portrait, theme, or even a poem you want visualized send me an email at, or a message on here, and we’ll get talking.

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