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Jenny Agutter in a promotional still from Logan’s Run, ca. 1976.

70s sci fi jenny agutter logan's run lovely sci-fi vintage vintage barefoot

Scientifically inaccurate motion reading of a Mike Hinge illustration

70s sci fi animated illustration mike hinge

Moebius’ concept illustrations for Alien, appearing in Heavy Metal, April 1979

70s movies 70s sci fi alien comics concept art film heavy metal moebius

The Andromeda Strain (1971) frequently turned up as a late movie offering during the seventies. For such a cerebral film, it also included some fine suspense. Directed by Robert Wise based on the Michael Crichton novel.

70s sci fi david wayne michael crichton robert wise the andromeda strain wildfire

Chris Moore - I love the dynamism in the man’s movement and the surprise, despite the robot travelling along a track of sorts, implying that this isn’t the man’s environment, he’s the intruder.

70s sci fi futuristic retro space sci-fi & fantasy sci-fi art sciencefiction scifiart

I’ve really been feeling 1970s science fiction art (like that found on @70sscifiart for example) and so made this self-portrait in a 70s sci-fi style. My favorite pieces combine a really rough dry brush effect with really intricate, detailed stars or clouds or a crisp shiny spaceship, and that contrast was what I wanted to emulate here. I also wanted to hang out in the cool part of the spectr...

70s sci fi 70sscifiart digital art self-portrait
Run from Logan's Run (1976)

Run from Logan's Run (1976)

In a continuation of operation: DVR clean, I sat down with a friend and we decided to watch Logan’s Run (1976.) He tapped at 45 minutes or so, and I tapped at about 46 minutes. In the minute between my friend said, “so… tap?” I had responded with, “you want to tap? now? Something’s gonna happen soon.” That something was a spearhead lazily hitting the wall behind Michael York and f...

70s sci fi film review logan's run michael york

Beautiful sci-fi minimalism! I love the deliberate 2001 and Alien references. The science fiction tropes will be familiar to almost everyone, which allows the director, James Frost, to convey the poignancy and tragedy of the story without much of a budget (or, obvs, any dialogue). Certain lyrics and chilling discords catch my ear, just like the stunning lens flare of an unknown star’s eclipse...

70s sci fi alabama shakes music video scifi sound and color

New art for TWRP’s latest EP. Done in Photoshop.

70s sci fi illustration japanese retro twrp

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) directed by Nicolas Roeg and starring David Bowie – from the 40th Anniversary Edition

1976 70s sci fi british film british sci fi david bowie mongrel nicolas roeg science fiction sf sf film studiocanal the man who fell to earth