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川越まつり 2014年10月18日 by Tokutomi Masaki on Flickr.

2014 festival japan kawagoe saitama 埼玉 川越 川越まつり 祭り

140107 - FROM.BTS → JIMIN

140107 2014 bangtan e:n.o from:jimin jin p:frombts rm

Let us all take a moment and appreciate this awesome fandom. (u_u) cr:as tagged

140815.exo 2014 exo derp exo dork exo edit exo gag hanhun hunhan kai kris krisho luhan sehun smtown smtown concert smtown seoul suho yifan

Top 10 selfies of 2014 (don’t pay attention to me ew but like this is the year of the evolving hair tbh) Pseudo-tagged by the beautiful nbweasley I tag deansdemonhair, deanhesmygalaxy, she-wants-the-d-ickens, hardersam, sweaterssam, awincestblog, tylersivan-troyeoakley, awkwardlylibby, foxerica, and jossist!

2014 awincestblog awkwardlylibby deanhesmygalaxy deansdemonhair foxerica hardersam in review? it me jossist my face selfies she-wants-the-d-ickens sweaterssam tag game tylersivan-troyeoakley