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This is probably the #1 thing that bothered me the most in the 2013 Romeo and Juliet. Is that the movie didn’t follow the colors of the whole red vs blue thing. So with a little Photoshop this Capulet can wear her red dress B)

2013 b) i think it look so much better juliet capulet much much better r&jweek this bothered me throughout the whole damn movie

Casting Call Series: Kim Ha Eun as… Lee Na Young in Conspiracy in the Court (KBS, 2007) Lee Seo Ok in Hometown Legends: Gumiho (KBS, 2008) Seolhwa in Chuno (KBS, 2010) Min Cheong Seol in Secret Gibang Angshimjeong (Channel E, 2010) Queen Ingyeong in Jang Ok Jeong, Living in Love (SBS, 2013) Chun Shim in God of War (MBC, 2012) Jeok Seon Ah in Rebel: The Thief who Stole the People (MBC, 2017)

2007 2008 2010 2012 2013 2017 angshimjeong casting call chuno conspiracy in the court god of war hometown legends jang ok jeong kim ha eun rebel hong gil dong

AAAmobile: Staff Blog (2013.10.20) *credit to vicky060927 for sharing this with us!thank you!❤*

2013 aaa aaa tour 2013 eighth wonder aaamobile attack all around jpop

Tentacles, 2013. This is your daily unwanted reminder that Daniel/Shadow-tentacles were a trope that actually existed. There are fics. Don’t go looking for the fics. (I still keep finding random old doodles that have never been posted)

2013 also a reminder: this is also an archive for my old amnesia works starting from 2011 amnesia (game) amnesia the dark descent daniel of mayfair monsters sketch someone please save him you can browse by year since i have a tagging system!