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Kristen Wiig and Harry Styles drunkenly dancing together is something I never knew I wanted and now I’m in love with it

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FULL EPISODE: Saturday Night Live | Amy Adams & One Direction | 12/20/14

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Which one’s that??” “That’s zayn.” “HE’S MINE.

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xmas list

xmas list

whatever mascara zayn uses an escape from one direction

1donsnl mine one diection

I would shove these performances up my ass but that X factor performance is still up there

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I just woke up to see the twitter trend #WeAreAllZayn I have not yet seen the SNL episode and now I’m a bit nervous

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Ladies and gentlemen… One Direction! Night Changes Ready to Run

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i’m so far up their asses there is literally no point of trying to leave

1donsnl mine one direction

Watch onedirection​’s SNL performance now! Want more? Watch their TV special Tuesday night!

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Girlfriends Talk Show with One Direction and Amy Adams - SNL Fav line: “How’s your guinea pig…girl?”

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