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Persian Gulf. May 17, 1987. A view of the guided missile frigate USS Stark listing to port after being hit by two Iraqi Exocet missiles within 30 seconds. 37 sailors were killed. Though exact details remain unclear, the Iraqi government at the time stated that the attack was in error, that the Iraqi pilot had thought the Stark was an Iranian tanker, and officially apologised to the United State...

1987 iran iraq war persian gulf war photography

Elektra Assassin (6 of 8), January 1987

1987 elektra assassin epic marvel comics

Крим. Ялта. Нікітський ботанічний сад. Альтанка під пінією у Нижньому парку. Крым. Ялта. Никитский ботанический сад. Беседка под пинией в Нижнем парке. [Crimea. Yalta. Nikitskyj Botanical Garden. Gazebo under pines in the Lower Park.] [Krim. Jalta. Nikitaer Botanisc...

1987 ботанический сад ботанічний сад крим крым никитский ботанический сад нікітський ботанічний сад пиния пінія ялта

1987-1992 | Ferrari F40 | Render by Fredrik Bostad | Original

1987 1992 bostad f40 ferrari ferrari f40 ferrary fredrik bostad italy supercar