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17.08.17 (3/100 days of productivity challenge) I’m procrastinating so much and it makes me really upset I need to gain some self discipline. I hope I get better today. I really don’t like studying in bed btw but it was really hot. Anyways I only did some tests yesterday and that was it.

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351 | TODAY was my last day before Winter Break. I cannot express how happy I am to have time off - I’m four weeks into my term and this is EXACTLY the moment when I need a break.

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23.4.18 Happy St George’s Day! I have a few deadlines this week so I’ve been researching Anglo-Saxon kings rather than working on the essays that I have due. The research is for my chapter but I really need to learn how to prioritise 😅 [100 Days of Productivity: 22/100]

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180424 // [1/100 days of productivity] a crazy productive day of english, bio and model un applications at the library and a quick detour to the sea. sometimes I’m astounded by how pretty my city is.

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