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2015-03-16 / 嶋原 末廣屋 葵太夫さん (via Twitter) ”【太夫と花魁の違い】 簡単に言いますと 『太夫』→芸を売る商売 『花魁』→体を売る商売 見た目がすごく似てるので一緒にされやすいですが、根本的に違います。 うちらを見て「あ!花魁や!」って言われるのは悲しいです。” 嶋原 末廣屋 葵...

京都 前帯 吉原 太夫 女郎 島原 嶋原 江戸 着物 舞妓 花魁 芸妓 芸者 遊女

January 11th, 2018: Congratulations to Nara’s newest geiko, Kikukame (菊亀)! After completing her apprenticeship as a maiko she is the first woman to have her erikae in the city in 22 years! Instead of wearing kuromontsuki she wore iromontsuki instead, with her onesan Kikuno wearing kuromontsuki. Her beautiful combination of a stunning white hikizuri with chrysanthemums, the kamon of the Na...

erikae geiko geisha kikukame maiko nara ゑりかへ 奈良 舞妓 芸妓 芸者 菊亀 衿替え 襟替え

December 13th, 2017: Today in Nagoya was the erikae of Kei (京)! She was a maiko for 5 years, so she had a fairly long apprenticeship. There was actually a celebration that occurred at the kaburenjo, and then many more parties afterwards! Congratulations! おめでとうございます京ちゃん ^o^! Images courtesy of Masatsubu on Instagram [1] [2] [3]

erikae geiko geisha kei maiko meigiren nagoya ゑりかへ 名古屋 名妓連 舞妓 芸妓 芸者 衿替え 襟替え