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One Piece ワンピース [Yonkō Saga / Whole Cake Island Arc] : “BIG MOM” Charlotte LinLin vs The Straw Hat Pirates “The heavens thunder. Streaks of lightning dance across the dark skies. The waves churn and heave against the raging wind. And above this great sea of noise and chaos, the wild laughter of the Yonko ‘Big Mom’ pierces the air as she rides a colossal wave destined for t...

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A former soldier of the Neptune army, Hody Jones is the self-proclaimed successor of Arlong. He used his status as a Neptune soldier to steal the Tamate Box’s energy steroids and frame a human for Otohime’s murder. In the end, he was thwarted by Luffy with ease, and the Energy Steroids have made him rapidly age into an old man. Happy Birthday, Hody Jones!!!

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14th daughter of the Charlotte Family, Smoothie is a half-Long Leg human who is one of the four Sweet Commanders. She has the very strange ability to wring anyone and extract juice from them. She can even wring herself, which works great against being poisoned. She fights with a very long sword and typically has Cinnamon and Citron by her side. Smoothie can also absorb liquid to become much lar...

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