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CREAM BRABANTER CHICKS ©TeenyTny DinosaurFarm Cream Brabanters - the nearly two week old chicks are mine, I hope they grow up to look like the bottom photo of Rhiannon Solem’s Cream Brabanter pullet.

animals beautiful birds chickens chicks cream brabanter cute rhiannon solem ©teenytinydinosaurfarm


beautiful chickens colorful eggs rainbow ©teenytinydinosaurfarm

Bearded Cream Brabanter Pullet This bird is a peanut, she’s quite a bit smaller than the other birds of the same age, given most of those are LARGE birds - cochins, brahmas, catalanas. A really friendly breed whose head crest is supposed to cant forward like the caps women wore in days of olde. Sometimes the other birds look at her weird like this Norwegian Jahrhon I had 5 Cream Brabanter...

backyard chickens backyard flock bearded brabanter chickens crested farmlife norwegian jahrhon spangled ©teenytinydinosaurfarm