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  • AboutMe: FrogskinU offers a unique heads-up, hands-on course in schools called Swamp Secrets Revealed that's achieving great results with students and educators. And, new this fall, our workshop Swamp Secrets On The Fly! will be available. *Sponsored by First Calgary Financial.*
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On top of the world with love!
What my Coffee says to me August 13 - drink YOUR life in - reach the ...

*On top of the world with love!* What my Coffee says to me August 13 - drink YOUR life in - *reach the summit of love in every moment that passes and with every cup of life that you enjoy. it's fun to be on top of the world!* ( What my Coffee says to me is a daily, illustrated series created by + Jennifer R. Cook for mental health) #coffee #coffeelovers #topoftheworld #love #hedgehogs #hedgehog...

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